Learn to Play Pan (Steel Drums)

Would you like to join Spiritual Steel? Would you like to learn to play pan?


Well, you can try it out before you decide to join our merry band of players. Just contact us, and you can spend an evening learning to play a song such as Kum Ba Yah. If you find that this is as much fun as we say, then you can enroll in "Feel The Steel" and learn how to play more songs. Once you know a few songs, we will integrate you into the band. You will be able to play the simpler pieces that we play, and will play the simpler parts of the more difficult pieces. Over time, you'll be able to play everything we play.


The music has letters written on it, and the pans have letters on them too. So long as you know your A, B, C's, (up through G) you can play a pan. You do not need to be able to read music to play!


Beginner classes are held at 7:30 on Thursday evenings at 3787A Peters Creek Road Extension which is 100 feet from the intersection of Peters Creek Road Extension and Brandon Road in SW Roanoke County. El Rodeo is across the street from us. Spiritual Steel meets at the same location at 7:30 on Tuesday evenings. Please send us email at quest.academy@cox.net or call Richard Rudolph at (540) 427-3860 if you would like more information.